Raised in southern California , Jeremy Walker started in the audio field as a disc jockey at L.A. and Hollywood undergrounds in the 1990's. During the days he worked in construction and remodeling in and around L.A. and the beautiful  San Fernando valley.  Always interested in the dynamics of pro audio design , the need for a large P.A. rig never came about until.........

            One day in 2009 Jeremy and Michelle his wife started fooling with the idea of a local event near their  home in downtown Ventura California .


                                                          ELECTRIC BEACH


           This event and eight others at this same location came to be the proving grounds for some of the first P.A. cabinets he had ever designed !

The FREQUENCY SOUND loud speaker fabrication shop is located within a few blocks of the original proving grounds in Downtown Ventura, the walk from our home to the shop is less than ten minutes and full of beautiful ocean views literally right next door to our local lumber yard where the bulk of all the material used to build this ever evolving rig are purchased. WE BELIEVE IN SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES !